The Arctic Voyage | A Sleep Story

Your Sleep Guru™ | Nature-Based Meditations

In this sleep story, you will sail the arctic sea on a vintage ship through a canyon of magnificent icebergs. Summer days are eternal this far North, and as a result, they have a way of all blending into one, and on this arctic summer day, the seas are calm. The visualization will begin with a simple breathing exercise and body scan for relaxation and end with the ambient noise from the interior of the ship's cabin. Your Sleep Guru Podcast™ is an independent Podcast written, narrated, produced, and edited solely by Clara Starr. You can support the Podcast with ratings and kind words (easy to do by clicking on this link, subscribing to the newsletter on Your Sleep Guru Podcast™ website, or sharing the Podcast with loved ones. For more info about Your Sleep Guru™ merchandise, episodes, and more, check out the website,


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