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Guided stories for sleep infused with nature, meditation and music.


In Your Sleep Guru Podcast, Clara Starr interweaves narrative storytelling with her passion for the natural world. Meditative journeys become sensory adventures as listeners are transported into the embrace of nature through Clara's curation. Calming sounds, music, and evocative narratives converge to create a rejuvenating and tranquil experience—a reflection of Clara's deep connection with the outdoors. As the creative force behind the Sleep Guru Podcast, Clara has solidified her position as a leader in crafting immersive auditory escapes that effortlessly carry her audience into the captivating realm of nature.


Clara Starr is a narrative artist whose childhood in the serene countryside of East Anglia, UK, instilled a deep appreciation for nature. In her meditations, Clara creatively blends her passion for nature with narrative storytelling, offering a sensory journey into the natural world through vivid descriptions, calming sounds, and ambient music. Her sessions create a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, reflecting her love for nature. After seven years of working for a national news network in the United States, Clara felt drained and unfulfilled. The constant deadlines, exposure to news, and overnight shifts had taken a toll on her health and well-being. Seeking a fresh start, Clara made the bold decision to leave her job and move to the tranquil Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. There, surrounded by natural beauty, she was able to reconnect with her love of nature and began practising meditation. These positive changes helped her regain her physical and mental health and brought a renewed sense of purpose and joy to her life. Clara is dedicated to sharing the transformative power of nature and meditation. Through Your Sleep Guru Podcast she has established herself as an expert in crafting immersive experiences that transport listeners to the beauty of nature. Her podcast is a testament to her passion for helping others achieve better sleep and overall well-being.

An audio podcast for relaxation and sleep, providing a way to reconnect with nature.

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast Nature-Based Meditations


This has helped me so much. I almost hate falling asleep so fast, even though I need to, I just want to keep listening. It used to take me at least an hour to fall asleep, and now it’s like 20 mins most of the time. I truly appreciate you doing this for me and the collective! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Krystal D.Podbean
Clara is my absolute favourite on Insight Timer! Her sleep story mediations not only are fast and sure way to sleep but are a true inspiration of magik & harmony within us all & all around us. Earth & us, are one. And we are all. Bless you & infinte gratuide.
Amber S.Insight Timer
Your voice is perfectly paced and soothing allowing one to drift off during the delightful imagery and your writing is simply delicious!
Sarah H.Insight Timer
With gratitude and tears, I thank you for taking me to this place
Barbara R.Insight Timer
Very soothing. Little pauses made it easy for my mind to relax, perfect cadence
Linda, Forney, TxInsight Timer
This put me to sleep within the first few minutes, it felt dreamlike and tranquil. There are lengthy, silent moments that lull your brain to sleep, but it is not boring, the mind stays engaged in a relaxing, drifting sort of way. I will be trying out more of these because it worked so well and is a nice change from the sleep meditations and music I usually use.
Michael B.Audible
You are amazing!! Thank you!! No more sleeping pills!!!
B. BuffinPodbean
Such a lovely guide—I usually use longer nighttime meditations, but I was out halfway through with this one. I look forward to listening to more of her meditations!
JamieInsight Timer
I have never got past being on the boat listening to the waves…then it is suddenly morning and I have the best sleep ever.a great way to fall asleep!I must listen during the day to hear the whole visualisation😀
AnitaInsight Timer
So soothing and sleep-inducing. I have no idea how this ends, so I’ll be listening again tonight and every night until I hear the end—- that’s when I guess I find a new meditation. Thank you for a great night’s sleep.
DebbieInsight Timer
Helps my kiddos fall asleep! My kids love the visualizations, and it always puts them to sleep. My son's only complaint is that he never remembers the end of the story... because he's asleep....

Your Sleep Guru Podcast

An Audio Immersion

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast is for those who cherish nature and love dreaming. The series offers a virtual retreat through each episode, immersing the listener into a serene and natural environment. Combining elements of storytelling, natural sound, and music, the podcast fosters relaxation. It induces deep sleep, making it an ideal companion for bedtime winding down.

What Your Sleep Guru Podcast listeners are saying:

Perfection! Love traveling around the world to fall asleep each night. Calming, relaxing and perfectly timed for a wonderfully deep nights sleep.
hugoandiaraApple podcast
Why doesn't this delightful podcast get many more reviews? I would make a lot of it. A pleasant young female voice, not shrill mean tone, and at an appropriate rhythm, not too lively, not too slow either. One is transported to beautiful, peaceful environments that are described very visually. Pleasure for the ear and imagination.
Eag0Netherlands (translated from Danish), Apple Podcast
Hi YSG, Thank you for creating something so enthralling, i really enjoyed the joy that I got out of this creation Namaste 🙏🏻
David HelfrichInsight Timer
Your work is amazing! Sleep meditations and stories don't generally work for me, but I have never managed to stay awake to hear the end of yours! I love your voice and all those pauses! Thank you so much
E. MayhewInsight Timer
Magnificent getaway
MonicaInsight Timer
I love getting out into the beauty of nature with your guided meditations. As I'm on bed rest and yearn to be out in nature, I so appreciate these, believe they help me heal.
ChristyInsight Timer
Each week I simply can't wait for you to post yet another brilliant sleep story! I simply love all the sound effects you use, they so enhance the story. I listen to your stories any time of day... they take me to another world without fail.


Midnight Sleep
Midnight Sleep A Ride with the Mystical Icelandic Horse
Experience the enchanting South Icelandic countryside from the saddle of an Icelandic horse, traversing varied landscapes to reach a stunning volcanic beach. Engage in this immersive experience, embracing the natural serenity as you connect with Glimmer, the Icelandic horse, amidst the captivating landscape. Let the vivid visualizations transport you deep into nature's embrace, offering a tranquil and magical escape into the unspoken connection between rider and horse.


The Total Solar Eclipse
The Total Solar EclipseA Sleep Story Meditation
Welcome to the 100th episode of Your Sleep Guru Podcast, "The Total Solar Eclipse, A Sleep Story Meditation". In this episode, you will experience a solar eclipse in the countryside during a warm sunny day. As the eclipse passes and the sun's light returns, you are left with a feeling of balance and harmony, knowing that even in the darkest moments, there is always the potential for light to return. The sleep story begins with a simple relaxation exercise and ends with the ambient sounds from the meadow on a sunny day.


This ten-part series will help you discover a renewed sense of calm and peace with nature as your guide. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause stress or pain. Discover an alternative approach to direct your mind proactively for positive outcomes through visualization. Available in the Your Sleep Guru™ App. on GooglePlay and Apple App. Store

Unveiling the Magic

STORYTELLING Podcast Week Presented by Podbean

 In Conversation with Clara Starr, Creator of Your Sleep Guru Podcast
In Conversation with Clara Starr, Creator of Your Sleep Guru Podcast
In this part of the storytelling series, Clara shares her profound inspiration for creating Your Sleep Guru Podcast, taking you back to her serene childhood in the countryside of the UK, and how her love for nature became the driving force behind the podcast's creation. Discover how Clara combines narrative storytelling, authentic sounds of nature, and calming music to craft an auditory oasis that promotes relaxation and enhances sleep quality.

Nature's Transformative Power: Finding Serenity and Vitality in the Great Outdoors

Nature's embrace transcends the ordinary, offering profound serenity and vitality. Amidst the chaos of modern life, it provides a respite from stress and anxiety. Immersing oneself in a natural environment soothes the mind and elevates the spirit, engaging all the senses and transporting us to a realm of pure sensory pleasure. It's a reminder of our place in something much greater than ourselves, with the ability to heal and restore. Take a moment to reconnect with nature and experience its transformative power.


Forest lovers, Clara invites you to immerse yourself in her curated meditation playlist of guided sleep stories designed to transport you into a deep and restful slumber. With each story, you'll be taken on a journey through mystical forests and enchanted woodlands, allowing you to connect with the natural world and find peace within yourself. So let go of the stresses of the day and allow Clara's soothing voice to guide you into a state of deep relaxation. As you listen to these guided sleep stories, you'll awaken feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and connected with the tranquillity of nature. Come and experience the transformative power of Clara's guided sleep stories, and let the magic of the forest lull you into a peaceful, restorative sleep.


Wild Places
Wild PlacesA Playlist on Spotify
Escape to the wilderness and soothe your soul with the Sleep Guru Wild Places playlist. This collection of sleep stories will transport you to serene and peaceful natural landscapes, allowing you to unwind, relax, and drift off into a restful sleep.

Your Sleep Guru Podcast Etsy Store

Exciting News! Your Sleep Guru Podcast is delighted to announce the grand opening of our Etsy Shop in collaboration with EarthVista, where you can now bring nature into your daily life with the collection of nature-inspired calendars, posters, t-shirts, and sweatshirts! The carefully curated designs capture the essence of the serene landscapes featured in the podcast episodes. Each item is crafted with love to enhance your connection with the beauty of the natural world. Thank you for being a part of the Your Sleep Guru Podcast community—discover the calming treasures that await you! 


An independent podcast written, narrated, edited and produced by Clara Starr in a log cabin in the heart of a forest in the mountains of Western North Carolina.



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