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Your Sleep Guru™


Each guided meditation podcast episode is an audio retreat for relaxation and sleep, providing a way to reconnect with nature.

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast Nature-Based Meditations


Your Sleep Guru Podcast is for nature lovers and dreamers. Each episode is an audio escape into a natural environment or setting, blending storytelling, natural sound and music to help with relaxation and sleep. The podcast features stories and sounds from nature, such as rain, waves, birds, and forests, as well as calming music. As the listener, you will be able to relax and drift away into a peaceful sleep. The goal is to provide a space where you can relax and reset your mind, body, and spirit. You can listen to the podcast on your favorite podcasting platform or you can download the app. from the App Store.


Clara Starr is a narrative artist who grew up in the countryside of East Anglia in the UK. When she wasn't at school, she spent as much time as possible exploring the beaches, rivers and forests near her home. The experience of spending time immersed in the wild inspired a deep love of nature. Fast forward to adulthood. After seven years of working for a national news network in the United States, Clara was utterly burned out. The stress of deadlines, exposure to the news and working the night shift in the big city had wreaked havoc on her health and sleep pattern. So at this time in her life, she quit TV news and moved away from the city to the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. Here she reconnected with her first love, nature and started a meditation practice. Both healed her well-being and sleep disorder and restored her sense of self.

Your Sleep Guru Podcast

Reconnect with Nature & Start Meditating

Clara Starr's meditation podcast series Your Sleep Guru™ was inspired by the experience of being revived by nature and meditation. Clara uses visualization, a gentle but powerful meditation technique that allows the listener to use their imagination to help them relax and sleep. To date, the series has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

    Your Sleep Guru Podcast

    An audio immersion

    Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast is for nature lovers and dreamers. Each episode is an audio escape into a natural environment or setting, blending storytelling, AMSR and music to help with relaxation and sleep.


    This was such an amazing visualisation, I don’t think I heard the end! So nice thank you!
    Rahul, SingaporeInsight Timer
    A pleasant journey that I wanted to last longer. Thank you.
    Chris M., Southwick, MAInsight Timer
    Your voice is perfectly paced and soothing allowing one to drift off during the delightful imagery and your writing is simply delicious!
    Sarah H.Insight Timer
    With gratitude and tears, I thank you for taking me to this place
    Barbara R.Insight Timer
    Very soothing. Little pauses made it easy for my mind to relax, perfect cadence
    Linda, Forney, TxInsight Timer
    This put me to sleep within the first few minutes, it felt dreamlike and tranquil. There are lengthy, silent moments that lull your brain to sleep, but it is not boring, the mind stays engaged in a relaxing, drifting sort of way. I will be trying out more of these because it worked so well and is a nice change from the sleep meditations and music I usually use.
    Michael B.Audible
    Sublime, soothing voice....need to listen to this clip every time I wish to relax!!
    B. Manjeshwarwer Insight Timer
    Such a lovely guide—I usually use longer nighttime meditations, but I was out halfway through with this one. I look forward to listening to more of her meditations!
    JamieInsight Timer
    I have never got past being on the boat listening to the waves…then it is suddenly morning and I have the best sleep ever.a great way to fall asleep!I must listen during the day to hear the whole visualisation😀
    AnitaInsight Timer
    So soothing and sleep-inducing. I have no idea how this ends, so I’ll be listening again tonight and every night until I hear the end—- that’s when I guess I find a new meditation. Thank you for a great night’s sleep.
    DebbieInsight Timer
    Helps my kiddos fall asleep! My kids love the visualizations, and it always puts them to sleep. My son's only complaint is that he never remembers the end of the story... because he's asleep....

    Sleep is essential, wouldn't you agree?

    Poor sleep is linked to depression, lack of concentration, an impaired immune system and weight gain, to name but a few things. That’s why a good eight hours of sleep is so important.

    What Listeners are Saying:

    Perfection! Love traveling around the world to fall asleep each night. Calming, relaxing and perfectly timed for a wonderfully deep nights sleep.
    hugoandiaraApple podcast
    Why doesn't this delightful podcast get many more reviews? I would make a lot of it. A pleasant young female voice, not shrill mean tone, and at an appropriate rhythm, not too lively, not too slow either. One is transported to beautiful, peaceful environments that are described very visually. Pleasure for the ear and imagination.
    Eag0Netherlands (translated from Danish), Apple Podcast
    Hi YSG, Thank you for creating something so enthralling, i really enjoyed the joy that I got out of this creation Namaste 🙏🏻
    David HelfrichInsight Timer
    Your work is amazing! Sleep meditations and stories don't generally work for me, but I have never managed to stay awake to hear the end of yours! I love your voice and all those pauses! Thank you so much
    E. MayhewInsight Timer
    Magnificent getaway
    MonicaInsight Timer


    An independent podcast written, narrated, edited and produced by Clara Starr in a log cabin in the heart of a forest in the mountains of Western North Carolina.


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    Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast is for entertainment purposes only and not intended as a replacement for consultations with a doctor or health professional. Your Sleep Guru™Podcast does not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage in any shape or form incurred in part or whole as a direct or indirect result of the use of the visualizations contained within the podcast. Please do not listen to Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast while driving or operating any machinery.

    Oneness with nature is not only calming but powerful. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause stress or pain in the first place.


    This ten-part series will help you discover a renewed sense of calm and peace with nature as your guide. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause stress or pain. Discover an alternative approach to direct your mind proactively for positive outcomes through visualization. Available in the Your Sleep Guru™ App. on GooglePlay and Apple App. Store


    The Black Sand Beach
    The Black Sand BeachA Sleep Story & Nature Immersion
    Escape to the black beach of Iceland and let your mind drift away with this soothing guided sleep story. Experience the raw power of nature as you wait out a storm and watch the winds howl outside. As the storm passes, explore the rugged terrain of the Eldraun Lava Field before reaching the iconic black beach. With its towering basalt columns and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, the black beach is a truly magical place. But be warned of the deadly sneaker waves and always respect the power of the ocean. Let the sounds of the sea and seabirds lull you into a peaceful sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Find your perfect relaxation spot, close your eyes and let your mind wander with Clara's guidance.


    Drifting Down the Emerald River
    Drifting Down the Emerald River A Sleep Story
    The sleep story, Drifting Down the Emerald River, is based on an experience I had rafting down a remote section of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and spending time in the otherworldly, mystical desert region of the Canyonlands. The visualization begins with a simple relaxation exercise and ends with the ambient sound from inside the canyon at night.


    The Ancient Island
    The Ancient IslandNature Immersion
    Join me on this guided nature immersion for sleep about the Ancient Island. The meditation will begin with a simple breathing exercise, then drift away to a distant island in the Mediterranean Sea, where you will discover long-lost ruins. Finally, the visualization ends with the AMSR of the sea.


    The Rain in Africa
    The Rain in AfricaA Guided Visualisation & Nature Immersion
    In this guided visualisation, you will find yourself in a remote part of the savannah, immersed in rather epic nature, experiencing the rains of Africa. The visualisation begins with a simple breathing exercise and ends with the AMSR of gently falling rain.


    On Board the Calypso
    On Board the CalypsoA Guided Nature Immersion for Sleep
    Jacques Costeau, the famous marine biologist, sailed the seven seas for nearly half a century. During this time, he documented the extraordinary beauty of the oceans and marine life. In this relaxing visualisation, you will envision a day to yourself on board his ship, the Calypso, anchored in the bay of a remote South Pacific island. The visualisation will begin with a short history of Calypso, and then you will snorkel on a pristine tropical reef. Finally, the visualisation ends with a relaxing meditation and the ambient sound of the ship and the ocean.


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