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Experience the ultimate relaxation with guided sleep stories enriched with the calming essence of nature, meditation, and soulful music.


Clara Starr is a narrative artist and an expert in crafting immersive auditory experiences that help people relax and sleep. Her speciality lies in tapping into the transformative and healing power of the natural world. Well-known for seamlessly blending narrative storytelling with her deep love for the environment, Clara creates unique meditative experiences for her listeners.

As a notable figure in the podcasting space, Clara's meticulously crafted episodes promise a sensory adventure through calming sounds, music, and stories. These sessions are designed to create a peaceful and revitalizing experience, reflecting her connection to the beauty of the world and its transformative influence.

Recipient of the prestigious Sonic Bloom award, Clara recently earned the "Sweet Vibes Award" for her outstanding use of sound design to enhance the overall listening experience. Join Clara in a curated space where each meditation is a soothing exploration aimed at helping you feel relaxed and have a peaceful night's sleep through the healing embrace of the natural world.


Clara Starr's Your Sleep Guru Podcast offers listeners a unique and transformative experience. With her connection to nature and storytelling abilities, Clara takes her audience on sensory journeys. These audio escapes allow listeners to escape the stresses of everyday life and find tranquillity in the beauty of the natural world. Clara's innovative approach to crafting immersive audio experiences makes her a trailblazer.

Journey to Peaceful Nights with Natural Sound

Ambient Sounds for Sleep

Embark on a sleep journey with my newest series, "Ambient Sounds for Sleep". This series is exclusively available on the Your Sleep Guru app! Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of nature, which are carefully mixed to help you sleep better. From the gentle sound of waves to the flow of streams and the melodic chirping of birds, let the curated ambient sounds surround you with relaxation and bliss.

A Video Meditation Course

Mindful Harmony

"Mindful Harmony" is a transformative meditation series which takes participants on a profound journey of self-discovery and emotional healing through a carefully crafted collection of video meditations. From the "Breath of Abundance Meditation" to the "Mindful Embrace of Difficult Emotions Meditation," each session is designed to bring solace, balance, and peace to the listener. Through practices like the "Mindful Anger Alleviation Meditation," participants explore tools for managing anger and healing resentment with the power of mindfulness. "Mindful Harmony" guides individuals to embrace gratitude, navigate grief, and cultivate self-confidence, fostering a sense of interconnected joy and well-being.


This ten-part series will help you discover a renewed sense of calm and peace with nature as your guide. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause stress or pain. Discover an alternative approach to direct your mind proactively for positive outcomes through visualization. Available in the Your Sleep Guru™ App. on GooglePlay and Apple App. Store

Insight Timer

Discover a tranquil escape into the natural world with my sleep meditations, also available on Insight Timer. Whether you're seeking a peaceful night's rest or a moment of relaxation, my guided visualizations and soothing soundscapes are designed to transport you to serene landscapes.

An audio podcast for relaxation and sleep, providing a way to reconnect with nature.

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast Nature-Based Meditations


  • Drifting Down the Emerald River
    Award-Winning Episode
    Drifting Down the Emerald River
    Experience the award-winning episode that has won the prestigious Sonic Bloom "Sweet Vibes Award" in 2024. This episode will take you on a serene journey inspired by a rafting adventure on the remote Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and the mystical wonders of the Canyonlands desert.
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  • Nocturnal Meditations: Pathway to Peace
    Latest Episode
    Nocturnal Meditations: Pathway to Peace
    Together, we will delve into the power of meditation in the realm of sleep. We will uncover hidden truths and wisdom in our dreams, break free from unconscious patterns, and forge a divine connection.
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  • Ancient Places: Stories for Sleep
    Spotify Playlist
    Ancient Places: Stories for Sleep
    Do you enjoy history or visiting ancient places? If the answer is “yes," you might like this Spotify playlist of sleep stories.
  • Interview with Podbean
    In Conversation
    Interview with Podbean
    In this episode, Clara shares her profound inspiration for creating Your Sleep Guru Podcast. She reflects on her serene childhood in the UK countryside and how her love for nature became the driving force behind the podcast's creation.

What Your Sleep Guru Podcast listeners are saying:

Perfection! Love traveling around the world to fall asleep each night. Calming, relaxing and perfectly timed for a wonderfully deep nights sleep.
hugoandiaraApple podcast
Why doesn't this delightful podcast get many more reviews? I would make a lot of it. A pleasant young female voice, not shrill mean tone, and at an appropriate rhythm, not too lively, not too slow either. One is transported to beautiful, peaceful environments that are described very visually. Pleasure for the ear and imagination.
Eag0Netherlands (translated from Danish), Apple Podcast
Hi YSG, Thank you for creating something so enthralling, i really enjoyed the joy that I got out of this creation Namaste
David HelfrichInsight Timer
Your work is amazing! Sleep meditations and stories don't generally work for me, but I have never managed to stay awake to hear the end of yours! I love your voice and all those pauses! Thank you so much
E. MayhewInsight Timer
Magnificent getaway
MonicaInsight Timer
I love getting out into the beauty of nature with your guided meditations. As I'm on bed rest and yearn to be out in nature, I so appreciate these, believe they help me heal.
ChristyInsight Timer
Each week I simply can't wait for you to post yet another brilliant sleep story! I simply love all the sound effects you use, they so enhance the story. I listen to your stories any time of day... they take me to another world without fail.


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