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The guided meditations are audio retreats dedicated to helping with sleep and reconnecting with nature.

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast Nature-Based Meditations

Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast  Nature-Based Meditations


Leave your cares behind; you are going somewhere special—an imaginary escape where you can find relaxation and sleep.

Reconnect with Nature & Start Meditating

Clara Starr's meditation podcast series Your Sleep Guru™ was inspired by her experience of being revived by nature and meditation and a wish to share her practice to help people. Clara uses visualization, a gentle but powerful meditation technique that allows the listener to use their imagination to help them relax and sleep. To date, the series has helped hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Your Sleep Guru Podcast

An imaginary audio immersion

Guided imagery is a method that helps with relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. These recordings allow you to visualize yourself in various peaceful natural environments so you can leave your cares behind you. Oneness with nature is also calming and powerful because nature provides excellent stress relief, allowing you to detach from things that create stress or pain in the first place. As you become absorbed in the details of nature and the landscape, your state of relaxation will deepen.


This was such an amazing visualisation, I don’t think I heard the end! So nice thank you!
Rahul, SingaporeInsight Timer
A pleasant journey that I wanted to last longer. Thank you.
Chris M., Southwick, MAInsight Timer
Your voice is perfectly paced and soothing allowing one to drift off during the delightful imagery and your writing is simply delicious!
Sarah H.Insight Timer
With gratitude and tears, I thank you for taking me to this place
Barbara R.Insight Timer
Very soothing. Little pauses made it easy for my mind to relax, perfect cadence
Linda, Forney, TxInsight Timer
This put me to sleep within the first few minutes, it felt dreamlike and tranquil. There are lengthy, silent moments that lull your brain to sleep, but it is not boring, the mind stays engaged in a relaxing, drifting sort of way. I will be trying out more of these because it worked so well and is a nice change from the sleep meditations and music I usually use.
Michael B.Audible

Sleep is essential, wouldn't you agree?

Poor sleep is linked to depression, lack of concentration, an impaired immune system and weight gain, to name but a few things. That’s why a good eight hours of sleep is so important.


Perfection! Love traveling around the world to fall asleep each night. Calming, relaxing and perfectly timed for a wonderfully deep nights sleep.
hugoandiaraApple podcast
Why doesn't this delightful podcast get many more reviews? I would make a lot of it. A pleasant young female voice, not shrill mean tone, and at an appropriate rhythm, not too lively, not too slow either. One is transported to beautiful, peaceful environments that are described very visually. Pleasure for the ear and imagination.
Eag0Netherlands (translated from Danish), Apple Podcast


Clara Starr, a narrative artist, grew up in East Anglia in the UK. When she wasn't at school, she explored the beaches, rivers and forests near her family's farm. The experience of spending time immersed in the wild inspired a deep love of nature. Fast forward to adulthood. After seven years working for a national news network in the United States, Clara had burned out. The stress of deadlines, exposure to the news and working the night shift had wreaked havoc on her health and sleep pattern. At this time in her life, she decided to move away from the city to the Western North Carolina mountains. Here she reconnected with nature and started meditating. Both healed her well-being, sleep disorder and sense of self.


    An independent podcast written, narrated, edited and produced by Clara Starr


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    Your Sleep Guru podcast is for entertainment purposes only and not intended as a replacement for consultations with a doctor or health professional. Your Sleep Guru does not accept liability for any injury, loss or damage in any shape or form incurred in part or whole as a direct or indirect result of the use of the visualizations contained within the podcast. Please do not listen to Your Sleep Guru Podcast while driving or operating any machinery.

    Oneness with nature is not only calming but powerful. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause us stress or pain in the first place.


    This ten-part series will help you discover a renewed sense of calm and peace with nature as your guide. Nature provides excellent stress relief by enabling us to remove ourselves from the things that cause us stress or pain in the first place. Discover an alternative approach to direct your mind proactively for positive outcomes through visualization. Available in the Your Sleep Guru App. on GooglePlay and Apple App. Store