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Sleep and relaxation are essential, wouldn‘t you agree? Putting a little time aside to experience a guided visualization can help with an afternoon power nap or a restorative night‘s sleep. These recordings allow you to visualize yourself in various peaceful natural environments so you can leave your cares behind you. Guided imagery is a technique that helps with relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety. And oneness with nature is also calming and powerful because nature provides excellent stress relief too, allowing you to detach from things that create stress or pain in the first place. As you become absorbed in the details of nature and the landscape, your state of relaxation will deepen. Each story begins with a short breathing exercise or body scan before the audio escape into a natural setting. Poor sleep is linked to depression, lack of concentration, an impaired immune system and weight gain, to name but a few things. That‘s why a good eight hours of sleep is so important. So find a comfortable place, close your eyes, and venture on an imaginary retreat where you can find relaxation and sleep! Please practice the series in a safe, restful place. For more info about Your Sleep Guru™ Podcast, check out In addition, your Sleep Guru is available as an app on iTunes and GooglePlay. Your Sleep Guru Podcast™ is written, narrated, produced, and edited by Clara Starr. 522673 © 2021 Your Sleep Guru™ | Nature-Based Meditations For Relaxation
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At just the right time of year, under the right conditions, stars in the sea mirror those above in the night sky. The guided meditation begins with a simple breathing exercise for relaxation before a
24th May 2022
31 minutes
Join me for this relaxing nature therapy guided meditation for relaxation and sleep! In this episode, you will travel to an ancient mountain village known for its onsen (hot spring) for a
10th May 2022
27 minutes
In this guided sleep story and nature immersion, you will journey to Firefly Farm, a hidden place in a forgotten corner of the countryside.  More than 2,000 species of firefly exist
26th Apr 2022
26 minutes
The visualization for sleep begins with a simple breathing exercise and a reflection about water as a metaphor for life. Then embark on a magical, calming journey to the secret cenote (a sacred
15th Mar 2022
26 minutes
Embark on a journey to find the healing waters that flow from the roots of the legendary tree in the middle of Cypress Island. The visualization begins with a simple breathing exercise, then a
1st Mar 2022
29 minutes
The visualization to Echo Springs is a sleep story blended with a mind-clearing practice.  Certain places in the world are so remote and off the beaten path that you need a compass and a map to
25th Jan 2022
26 minutes
In The Book Of Wishes, a sleep story for relaxation and sleep, you will visit the ancient castle on a heart-shaped island in the middle of a lake. Legend has it that if you imagine a wish when you
19th Jan 2022
28 minutes
When sunlight decreases during the winter season and days become shorter people may experience something known as "winter blues". People affected by this change experience feelings of sadness or loss
13th Dec 2021
37 minutes
Winter is a season of stark, beautiful contrasts. The shorter days and colder climate allow us time to slow down and reflect. Winter is also traditionally a time for storytelling. There's
29th Nov 2021
35 minutes
In this sleep story, you will sail the arctic sea on a vintage ship through a canyon of magnificent icebergs. Summer days are eternal this far North, and as a result, they have a way of all blending
23rd Nov 2021
60 minutes
This nature-based guided meditation for relaxation and sleep is an imaginary, immersive autumnal forest bathing experience. The visualization will begin with a simple breathing exercise. Then,
16th Nov 2021
20 minutes
Take the overnight train to the destination of sleep! This visualization is an imaginary train trip through a remote region of beautiful mountains in the summertime. The visualization will begin with
5th Oct 2021
25 minutes
This nature-based guided story for sleep is from the heart of the magical red rock landscape of the Southwest. Clouds, dream catchers, tipis and windchimes will be involved. The visualizations are
27th Sep 2021
22 minutes
Discover the enchanting landscape, the natural atmosphere, relaxation and sleep in the dreamy surroundings of Yellowstone National Park. If the awe-inspiring mountain landscape of the American West,
20th Sep 2021
16 minutes
We all love a starry sky on a clear night. It sparks wonder, our sense of the infinite and the idea of other worlds. It also stirs up spirits from the past held deep within our DNA, feelings that are
29th Jun 2021
14 minutes
During this guided meditative sleep story, experience the gentle communion and soul realignment that can be shared when a human and a sentient being meet in the natural world——a whale of a story for
22nd Jun 2021
33 minutes
This meditation is inspired by The Magic Carpet folk tale from “One Thousand and One Nights”. During the visualization, you will find calm, creativity and sleep as you leave your cares far behind you
14th Jun 2021
20 minutes
This sleep story is based on the ruins of the ancient underwater city of Heracleion (near Alexandria in Egypt) and envisioning what it would be like to discover the lost city of Atlantis. These
31st May 2021
21 minutes
Somewhere, beyond Tibet, in the Himalayan mountains, lies a mythical paradise of harmony and ineffable peace known as Shambala. This guided story for sleep is inspired by a dream about Shambala and
24th May 2021
16 minutes
This visualization for sleep is based on a dream of discovering the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II was said to have
17th May 2021
17 minutes
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